Zombie Rampage

Humanity's Last Stand Against The Zombie Apocolypse

Zombie Rampage

They’re out there…lurking in the shadows…thirsty for your blood and brains. Only you and your companions can purge green country of the Zombie scourge waiting to overwhelm the living. Luckily, we’ve come up with the perfect zombie-removal solution. We sourced and outfitted a former bus, once used to bring smiling, happy children to school, to become the ultimate Zombie-shooting machine. Stay safely enclosed within its steel walls as you eliminate the Zombie apocalypse.

Zombie Paintball Ride

This horrifying undead experience will unite your friends, family, and kids for a thrilling themed event.

Be part of the ultimate Zombie Paintball Hunt. This interactive event brings your favorite Zombie thrillers to life.

Shoot fast before the zombies overwhelm the bus as we ride across 600 acres.

Zombie Bus Ride

Hunt for zombies during the interactive paintball ride.


The Zombie Rampage runs for a limited time. Find the next Rampage.


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Haunted Plantation is an all in one Halloween event for the entire month of October! Featuring the best, interactive, SCARIEST Hayride in Oklahoma, Haunted Corn Maze, New Zombie Apocalypse Maze, Games, Movies, Fire pits, Food & Music!

Are You Ready?

A zombie outbreak is happening now. It’s up to you to protect the living! Join the Zombie Paintball Hunt.